All instructors in our Junior and Teenage training programs are Fully Certified Black Belts with the IBJJF and the UKBJJA the UK's official govening body, With Full valid DBS background checks and are First Aid qualified,

Our programs are aimed at children from age 4 up to age 15, There after the student would then be part of our Juvenile / Adult training programs

There are 3 different progrms depending on the age group,

  • 4 - 6 Years
  • 5 - 9 Years
  • 9 - 15 years 

In the 4 - 6 Years Program, The focus is on playing games that mimic the movements in Jiu Jitsu so the youngsters can have a fun packed and safe time on the mat learning this wonderful art

In the 6 - 9 Years Program, There is less focus on games now as the student is very proficient with their movements, The focus here is Basic Self Defence and one on one training with specific Drills and Sparring,

In the 9 Years + Program, The student is now quite advanced in their training so the focus is now on Technique and their all round knowledge of Jiu Jitsu, With specific and free sparring

For more information on times please see our timetable for more details

These classes are Taught by:

Chris Hearn BJJ 2nd Degree Black Belt, And Japanese Ju-Jitsu Black Belt

Rob Connor BJJ 2nd Degree Black Belt and Judo Black Belt

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